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(no subject) [Dec. 1st, 2009@02:11 am]

Was reading betharia's blog and now i'm missing all the time we got together in school ):
- I really miss all the time when i force you to pay for my food and you did unwillingly
- I really miss all the time at macd with you, scanning for guys and whine at how desperate we're
- I really miss all the time we spend trying so hard to concentrate and study but failed, countless time
- I really miss ypu for being able to know what i'm tryna to be with just a look in my eyes
- I really miss her you being being able to take in all the critism i said to you and critising me back in return and laugh it off
- I really miss bitching with you
- I really miss all yr silly jokes and acts ( stroke face/ reach alrd shout my name etc)
- I really miss whining about anything under the sun to you and you'll never get fed up with me. Tell me where to find another you?! ):

Wow really cannot finish listing it all, it can just go on and on. Í never thought i could find sucha a soulmate. Never really had a friend that i could share all my woes and stuffs until i met her. So glad my path and hers crossed.

Thou you're in indo now and not coming back anymore except for a day when we're taking back results. But please know that, we need to make our future boyf best friends with momo's, we need to attend each other wedding in the future, we need to become pretty together, and alot more. Miss you alot. I'm friendless now without you, you know. )':


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